Advanced Eye Makeup

Discover multiple light-blub moments with The Donna Mee Methods for both pencil and liquid eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, lashes and brush utilization.

This is the perfect workshop to give new or working makeup artists basic to advanced application techniques for everything to do with eyes and proper placement of eyeshadow to best enhance a woman's eyes.  Learn many secrets to master the application of wingy eyeliner on all types of clients.  Students will also be shown professional tips for utilizing makeup brushes, various forms of lash curlers and other pro tools that deliver great results for close-up print work as well as everyday women is society.  This workshop also covers advanced steps and troubleshooting techniques for application of false eyelashes.  Artists will also discover how to work with highly concentrated professional grade products & brands so they can create beautiful eye makeup with various forms of products and tools.

There will be a strong focus how to save a lot of time by applying eye makeup perfectly in just a few strokes verses applying color and spending much more time blending or what is jokingly known as "blend, blend, blend" (which really translates to spending
time fixing what what applied wrong in the first place.)  Students will also learn what constitutes a traditional glamour look and discover how to confidently create a gorgeous glamour makeup


  • Advanced Usage of Brushes
  • Eye Liner Pencil
  • Advanced Smudging Techniques
  • Mascara Formulations
  • Advanced Mascara Application
  • Pro Lash Detail Work for Close-up Print
  • Lash Curling & Troubleshooting
  • Cake Liner Techniques
  • Mastering Wingy Liner
  • False Eyelash Selection
  • Guidelines for False Lashes
  • Pro Lash Application Techniques
  • Troubleshooting Lashes
  • Working with Individual Lashes
  • Eye Shadow Basics
  • Pro Guidelines for Eye Shadow
  • Blending Techniques
  • Glamour Makeup
  • Detail Work for Print

5-Days 25hrs (5pm-10pm) $900

plus $50 registration fees

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