Authority on Beauty 

Most artists are not educated on how to deal with a plethora or clients that they will encounter. Including but not limited to: Skin disorders, skin diseases, birthmarks, burns, scars, tattoos or have bruising from recent cosmetic or plastic surgery.  All of these clients want their “beauty issues” camouflaged. Additionally, each year millions of women diagnosed with cancer are given chemotherapy, and tens of thousands of women have some type of partial facial paralysis from strokes or bels palsy.  These clients all have specific beauty issues that demand advanced skills and specific products.  The average makeup artist can not satisfy their needs.  CAN YOU?    

  • Camouflage Makeup for Tattoos and Birthmarks
  • Skin Disorders vs. Skin Diseases
  • Mortuary Makeup
  • Mole Detection 
  • Working with clients with lash extension
  • Working with Battered Women’s Charities
  • Working with Cancer patients
  • Working with Stroke/Bels Palsey Patients
  • Proper Photo Editing for a Makeup Artists Portfolio
  • AND education so you can give proper information & referrals for: Plastic surgeryNon-Surgical Facial RejuvenationPermanent MakeupEye Lash ExtensionsBattered Woman’s Shelters