A true makeup artist is capable of doing far more than making women pretty. Creating whatever characters are necessary to make a script believable takes talent, knowledge and research. Think about Pirates of the Caribbean; if the actors just had a gold tooth and an eye patch, would they have been believable? The process of making their skin look old, sun damaged, weathered with beard stubble and rotten teeth is what brings you into the scene and makes the story work.

This 2-day Character workshop is imperative for anyone wanting to work in television, video or film. You will learn how to develop a character with makeup and the use of prosthetics. The application of foam or gelatin appliances allows makeup artists to alter an actor’s face to look completely different. For example:

  • Fake nose
  • Heavier
  • Monsters

3-Days 15hrs (5pm-10pm) $475

plus $30 registration fees

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