Advanced Color Theory, Color Symbolism               & Color Analysis As It Applies To Makeup

The best Makeup Artists in the world have intense knowledge of color and textures and how they appear in various mediums. This advanced class enlightens students to absolutely everything that affects makeup artistry in regard to color, texture and finishes along with color symbolism so that the artists new found wisdom will rival the top pros and impress even the toughest Art Director. Artists will receive the knowledge necessary to custom mix color to perfection in a snap in any formula envisioned or requested by a client or photographer.  Such as custom creating lip gloss, blush, luminizer, brow gel, eye liner, bronzer, tinted moisturizer and even nail polish out of basic items along with  other pro tricks to amaze clients.  

"Countless unseen details are often the ONLY difference in mediocre and magnificent."

Donna will demystify the color wheel and give artists a deep understanding of science of color through her self-discovered methods. Which are far surpassing the basic complimentary and contrasting hues typically discussed in makeup artistry.  In fact, students will discover that the primary colors of red, blue and yellow is actually a myth.  Knowledge in color symbolism is another important detail overlooked by most in the industry.  The information given on this subject along with color theory and color analysis allows artists to progress from applying great makeup to creating truly “Wow” looks and images. 

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Learn how to immediately determine a client’s best and worst wardrobe colors and how to select their best makeup shades for lips and cheeks regardless of what they are wearing. 

Artists will also learn how to enhance, intensify and even alter the color of client’s eyes through advanced knowledge known as “The Donna Mee Methods.”  This wisdom allows for continuous confident selections of eye makeup colors to maximize the beauty of every clients unique coloring. 

The eyes are the most important focus for most makeups applications. Most artists have a handful of memorized combinations of “go-to” eye shadows that they use as for certain eye colors. This intensive master class will change that forever!  “The Donna Mee Makeup Methods” for advanced color utilization through the Science of color completely change the way artists confidently choose colors to enhance anyone's eye color to their maximum potential including brown eyes. (Brown is not even on the color wheel!) Discover exactly what colors should be in your kit so that you can create the most amazing color combinations.

This workshop is 5-Days / 25hrs / Mon – Thurs / 5 – 10pm

$950 plus $50 registration

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