In this webinar, Donna Mee shares many of her favorite eye makeup products and brushes to elevate artists and consumers makeup applications.  Details on improved usage of eye shadow in both loose and pressed formulations as well as tips and techniques on makeup brush usage allow viewers to apply the knowledge to themselves and clients immediately.  Discover how to determine quality products in order to make better investments in future makeup purchases.  The presentation is full of facts, unknown details and the typical light bulb moments that Donna is known for.   

How It Works...

To watch this video training seminar, it requires a reliable internet connection that is able to handle video content, as well as Adobe flash software.  Both are available on most newer computers, laptops, tabs and on some cell phones.  A quick Google search to ensure your devices are compatible is highly recommended.  After enrolling online, a user-friendly link will be sent within 2 business days.  The email will include simple instructions to download Adobe flash if it is not already installed on your device.  This assures that logging into the seminar is quick and easy.  The video training will be available to view as may times as you like for 72 hours from the time the link is sent.

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