Honing Your Eye To Perfect The Details

Did you know that one of the top complaints about makeup artists by photographers is that the artist did not create the makeup look they requested? Makeup artists are often given images to replicate by a client, photographer or Art Director. Being able to nail the looks we are asked to do, often takes several decades of hard lessons learned resulting in disappointing others and ourselves!

This 3+ hour video will show artists what to use and what to avoid depending on the job and the looks desired. Discover how to determine how various products appear on the skin… AND how different they will appear on camera! This knowledge will help artists make the best decisions for each job and client based on deciphering the necessary details.

From skin care and foundations to luminizers within various formulations as well as both loose and pressed powders. Once you better understand what is in your kit (or what should be!) you can scale down your products and still recreate whatever look you are asked to do. Once you recognize what you no longer need, you’ll also stop making expensive mistakes in the future when shopping for your kit.

How It Works...

To watch this video training seminar, it requires a reliable internet connection that is able to handle video content, as well as Adobe flash software.  Both are available on most newer computers, laptops, tabs and on some cell phones.  A quick Google search to ensure your devices are compatible is highly recommended.  After enrolling online, a user-friendly link will be sent within 2 business days. 

The email will include simple instructions to download Adobe flash if it is not already installed on your device.  This assures that logging into the seminar is quick and easy.  The video training will be available to view as may times as you like for 72 hrs from the time the link is sent.  Enjoy!

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