Cosmetics Industry Skills

This 4-day workshop was created for those who desire a career in the beauty industry in the following positions:  A freelance Makeup Artist, retail sales staff, Cosmetic Company Trainer or National Makeup Artist.  Many of the most famous makeup artists in the world started their careers in cosmetic sales such as Sam Fine and Kevyn Aucoin, whom Donna Mee used to work with.  Many of the top makeup artists today currently hold positions as International or Global Creative/Artistic Directors with cosmetic companies such as Pat McGrath,  Gucci Westman and Lisa Eldridge.   This class is also a great starting point for anyone that wishes to launch their own cosmetic brand at some point, just as many of the artists Donna has trained.  Such as Mai Tran of Mai Couture, Carlene K and Jeffree Star to name a few. 

Discover how to get an interview in the cosmetic industry and more importantly, how to give a confident and successful interview that leads to a job offer and higher pay rate than most are offered.  Students will learn everything they need to know about industry terminology, effective makeup face charting skills, communication skills and client psychology in order to play an effective role in the cosmetic sales industry.   This workshop puts a strong emphasis on developing self-confidence, which is essential to become a successful makeup artist every capacity. 

The curriculum taught in this 3-day workshop was developed by Donna Mee, International Makeup Artist and Beauty Entrepreneur.  Donna started her career in retail cosmetics and achieved much success and accolades as the top sales person in the in the chain, State and in several cases the entire USA for three different cosmetic companies.  Donna's talent, success and passion for the beauty industry caused her to be constantly promoted to higher positions such as Account Coordinator, Account Executive, National Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Trainer, Regional Beauty Director, National Director of Makeup, Product Development and Marketing.  The positions held were with companies such as Nordstrom, Lancôme, Christian Dior, YSL, Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever.  Donna discovered how to excel in the retail cosmetics industry and therefore teaches her students to achieve the same career results.  Many of the artists Donna has trained now hold top positions with companies such as MAC, Sephora, Space NK, Bobbie Brown, Nars and others.  

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The curriculum:

  • Cosmetic Counter Verses Freelance Makeup Jobs
  • Industry Positions:  Counter to National Artists & Executives
  • Industry Terminology
  • Finding Work
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Resumes Creation
  • Successful Industry Interview Skills 
  • Client Psychology
  • Selling & Communication Skills
  • Career Success Skills
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Charting the Client
  • Generating Invoices
  • Figuring out Taxes & Deductions

3 - Days / 18hrs 

Sun 12am - 8pm & Mon - Tue 5pm - 10pm 

$555 plus $30 registration fees

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