Injuries & Deterioration Makeup

Have you ever wondered how the injuries, surgeries, autopsy scenes and cadavers are created in films and television shows like CSI, ER and the movies Rambo and 300? Injuries are considered “basic makeup” in the TV and film industry. 

In this 3-day workshop you will create believable looking injuries of all kinds. From scars, cuts and scrapes, to all forms of bruises, black eyes, and various degrees of burns and many types of bullet wounds. In order to recreate believable injuries, the makeup artist needs to also understand various forms of fake blood and when to use them.   

  •     Scars
  •     Cuts and scrapes
  •     Bruises
  •     Black eyes
  •     Illness
  •     Deterioration makeup
  •     Dead bodies
  •     Burns: 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree
  •     Bullet wounds: Various types of guns & distances.
  •     Blood work: Fresh, coagulated, dried, scabbed, and squirting.


3-Days 15hrs (5pm-10pm) $495

plus $30 registration fees

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