Mastering Corrective Lips

In this 4-day workshop, students will start off by making pro lip palettes with up to 100+ colors which will become a staple in their makeup kit.  Artists will learn how to turn these new lip palette colors into literally thousands of gorgeous lip looks. Including transparent tints, sheer and opaque lip glosses, lip stains and lipsticks with moist or matte finishes including shimmers and metallics.


Women's lips are rarely symmetrical, nor have the ideal shape. Therefore, applying red lipstick is considered an industry nemesis by many.  However, this intensive training allows artists to master corrective beauty lip application on even the toughest lip shapes.  Donna Mee trains each students to actually "SEE" lips in an entirely new way by breaking down steps to analyze the mouth as well as simplifying lip color application into steps, improving the ability to create better lip silhouette that is full, symmetrical and well shaped on everyone. The most impressive thing about the Donna Mee Methods for her advanced, corrective application is that her technique allows artists to perfectly apply lip color in just 7 brush strokes, even with red lipstick.   And all hands-on techniques are taught without the artist resting their hands or fingers on the clients face.

                                                      BEFORE NO MAKEUP                                                                                                                                        AFTER

                                                      BEFORE NO MAKEUP                                                                                                                                        AFTER

Discover how various lip ingredients and products photograph to best interpret what photographers and clients ask to be replicated. Along with pro secrets for applying the perfect nude lip and how to make every lipstick longer lasting. Through a lecture, demonstration and a hands-on exercise, artists will learn how to create any look envisioned. Regardless of the coverage, finish or formula artists will be enabled with the ability to custom create the exact lip looks needed for every client. Application techniques for both cream and powder blush will also be taught, demonstrated and practiced. This workshop will improve application skills, confidence and increase speed.

  • 7-stroke technique for lipstick application
  • Advanced corrective lips
  • Mastering red lips
  • Creating symmetry
  • Advanced lip liner application
  • Trouble shooting various lip shapes
  • Applying lip color without resting you hand
  • Pro lip color application techniques
  • Creating illusions for fullness
  • Creating pro lip color palette(s) with 100+ colors
  • Recreating looks from magazines
  • Custom blending of colors for exact shades
  • Creating various formulas & finishes for lip colors
  • Advanced application of lip color for sheer, stains & glosses
  • The secret to application of the perfect matte lip
  • Creating perfect nail colors without nail polish
  • Cream blush & powder blush application




This workshop is 4-Days / 20hrs / Mon – Thurs / 5 – 10pm

$725 plus $30 registration

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