Mastering The Art of Brows

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The eyebrow business has become one of the fastest growing realms of the beauty industry. Perfect brows are desired by women from all walks of life, yet most have unsymmetrical, poorly shaped ones that are either under or overly-tweezed.  Mainly because there is so much miss-information about eyebrows that keep most women from achieving the perfect brow. 

Clients become walking billboards showcasing your work,
generating continuous advertising, client referrals and income.

Having the ability to create gorgeous arched, tapered and symmetrical brows is a rare talent and extremely sought after.  Great eyebrows give lift to the face, frame the eye and improve women's overall beauty. This intensive workshop gives artists the wisdom and skills to master the art of brows and easily earn additional income in this booming market.  Discover why NONE of these well known guidelines are accurate and learn to create proper eyebrow spacing and shaping on everyone.

Eyebrow Trends and Timelines

Most Common Brow Mistakes

Hair Removal Options

Basic Eyebrow Grooming

Brow Color Application Techniques

Maximizing Brow Shape & Symmetry with Color

Why Generic Brow Measurements are Wrong!

The Donna Mee Methods of Mastering Brows

Pain Free Tweezing Techniques

Eye Spacing Analyzation

Determining Correct Custom Guidelines

Proper Brow Spacing

Creating Perfect Brow Shape

Creating Symmetry with Tweezing & Color 

Brow Products: Powders, Gels & Pencils

Determining Best Color Selection for Clients

Brow Tools and Sanitization

Expanding Client Services

Generating New Clientele

How to Start a Brow Business

Growing a Strong Business

4-Day Class   20 Hours of Training  5pm - 10pm

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