Mastering the Canvas

This class covers imperative information for artists that truly desire to master their craft.  True artistry skill is not judged by color usage or eye makeup, instead it is how you make the skin appear that is paramount.  Therefore, a complete understanding of skin care as it applies to makeup, skills for undetectable concealing and perfect foundation color selection and application is imperative to excel as an artist. 

A makeup artists’ first contact with clients is prepping their face.  This class is for those that desire to make great first impressions, create long lastingprosperous client relationships by making a difference in their skin.  Discover the knowledge and tools to set artists apart from their competition improving skin, reducing oily shine, clearing up acne, slowing down aging, and solving many common skin care issues. 

By simply looking at a client’s face, it is possible to determine things such as their ethnicity, age, diet, current skin care regime, favorite sleep position, if they are right or left handed, lifestyle, personal habits and so much more!  Telling clients what you know about them by simply looking at their face, gets their immediate attention and lets them know that you are not a typical artist.  Give your clients 'light bulb moments' about their own skin, to teach them how to improve their personal skin issues and inspire them to invest in their face!

Students will also learn multiple advanced application techniques for concealing through what is known as color theory and band-aid theory.   Discover how to select each clients best formula, color choice and skills for undetectable application of concealer.  Complete camouflaging skills will also be taught that give students the ability to cover extreme discolorations such as birthmarks and tattoos.  Learn the secrets of superior concealing for under eye areas, redness, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. 

Foundation is so much more than color selection.  Students will learn about all the various foundation coverages, finishes, and formulations for all skin types and problem skin.  Discover the best application techniques for each type of foundation formula and also learn troubleshooting for many common foundation issues.

Determining clients skin undertones and surface tones is key to enable yourself to custom mix clients foundations concealers and powders.  Students discover the truth about industry cosmetic brands and how to determine which products and ingredients are photo friendly for the rest of your career. 

  • Science of Skin

  • Skin Care As It Applies to a Makeup Artists

  • Skin Analysis

  • Recommending Products for Results 

  • Skin Care Myths

  • Acne Troubleshooting

  • Proper skin prep techniques

  • Quick Fixes for Bad Skin 

  • Anti-Aging Strategies

  • Corrective Skin Care that Work

  • Preventative Skin Care

  • Determining Contagious & Non-Contagious Skin Disorders/Diseases

  • Hygienic Makeup Application

  • Foundation Coverage Selection 

  • Foundation Finishes and Formulas

  • Determining Undertones & Surface Tones

  • Color Selection and Color Matching

  • Various Foundation Application Techniques 

  • Concealer Formulas and Finishes

  • Concealer Coverage Types

  • Advanced Concealing Techniques

  • Color Theory Concealing 

  • Band-Aid Theory Concealing

  • Foundation Troubleshooting   

  • Skin Primers & Usage 

  • Color Correction Techniques 

  • Secrets to Concealing and Camouflaging Skin Discoloration

  • Loose Powder & Pressed Powder Application

  • Luminzers for Print Work                                                

This workshop is 12-days 60hrs
in Costa Mesa, California

CONTACT US for dates.

$2,350 plus $50 registration