Black & White Print & Headshot Makeup

In this unique 3-day workshop, Artists will learn how to interpret makeup for black and white photography.  Although color photography is a staple in the industry, there is always plenty of commercial and fashion work shot in black and white for various forms of advertising, literature, newspaper ads and fashion campaigns.     

There are over 120,000 working actors in Los Angeles area alone and an additionally estimated seven times that many non-working actors.  Aspiring actors are encouraged to shoot new headshots several times each year to go after current roles and acting gigs.  There are hundreds of headshot photographers that make a living out of shooting an average of 2 -10 clients a day.  Artists will learn the type of looks actors need to project in their casting headshots as well as how they can secure steady work within this industry.  An added bonus, each artist will do their own makeup and have their headshot taken for usage on their website, social media and such. 



This workshop is 4-Days / 15hrs / Mon – Thurs / 5 – 10pm  

$850 plus $50  registration

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