Old Age Makeup

Old Age Makeup is widely used in TV and Film to alter and actors appearance. This course teaches the necessary skills to transform actors into whatever the script requires. Aging makeup is not only used to make someone look older, but to show a progression of age. There are many ways to do aging makeup and in this workshop you will learn what "painted makeup" is, and how to work with latex as well as prosthetics. A skilled Makeup Artist prides themselves in their ability to do whichever scene requires based on time, budget, the character and how the Director of Photography will be shooting it. Bald cap and hair work is not necessary for this class, but is a benefit for Aging Makeup. Learning how to make a comb-over, lay hair for brows and learning how to work with pre made Lace Hair pieces is just a small example of how to enhance your Aging Makeup look.

  • How to research an old age character makeup
  • Characteristics of aging skin
  • Techniques to recreate age spots, veins, sun damage, etc.
  • Painted makeup&nbs p;
  • Age progression
  • Creating wrinkles on smooth skin
  • Prosthetic appliances
  • Laying hair for eyebrows, beards, side burns, etc.
  • Working with lace hairpieces

3-Days 15hrs (5pm-10pm) $495

plus $30 registration fees

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